Picture this:

“You’re in the departure hall, the flight home is not boarding for another 30 mins. As you place your laptop bag down you spot a shiny new flash drive under the bench. Naturally being an intelligent, curious person anticipating a boring wait till your flight is called you slide your work laptop out and plug the USB drive in to have a look to see what it contains.


HaaS. In case you haven’t heard enough acronyms in the IT industry, let me give you one more: HaaS, or “hardware as a service.” Simply, HaaS is an option to “rent” hardware on a low monthly basis instead of purchasing it outright. This eliminates the hefty cash drain for a network upgrade and allows you to pay for hardware as a service.

Virtual Disaster Recovery Testing

Time and time again I have done a new customer audit and discovered that their Backup Tape/Drive that they have been diligently rotating for months contains either nothing at all or backup files so old as to be next to useless.

Vertech has been countering this with our flat-rate Max Backup cloud DR service and we are now happy to announce that we can provide a regular Virtual Disaster Recovery Testing Service.

Ransomware emails & Staff Training

We've been seeing a steady stream of emails with increasing levels of sophistication targeting clients. Because of the serious risks associated with ransomware we've proactively enabled a new feature on the Vertech Mail Security platform across the board.

Productivity Tip #3​

If you have ever torn your hair out trying to get multiple busy people to agree on a single meeting time or

have spent more time firing emails back and forth than the meeting itself then this might be the thing for you. Microsoft Garage have released a handy free tool for Office 365 and Outlook called FindTime.

New Insurance exemption clauses

This morning I opened the mail and noted that our business insurance (ASB) had some new clauses with respect to damage caused

to electronic data. Gone is the old clause relating to the Y2K issue (that was a laugh) and in its place is an exclusion for "loss of or

damage to electronic data from any cause whatsoever including but not limited to, a computer virus"

I guess this means that the insurance industry is seeing a significant amount of claims from this cause and are seeking to eliminate this risk to their profits.

Productive Habits

Every couple of months I take a Friday off from the business to attend a business coaching workshop as part of the Velocity program delivered by the marvelous people at The Breakthrough Co.

Last Friday's topic revolved around Habits, how to utilise what we know about habits to encourage productive activity which we can use to develop our businesses and to quarantine the bad habits that suck our energy.