Reasons to back up your mobile devices

Companies such as Apple, Samsung, and others have turned mobile phones into mini-computers that can serve as a substitute for your laptop, or as a storage device. If you’re using a smartphone as a communications and storage device, backing up now would be a wise move. Malware on mobile More than two-thirds of the world’s […]

Cybersecurity Tip #23

Does your Office Manager have a little book of passwords in her top drawer? Post-It notes on screens? Everyone using the same password or everyone knows each others passwords?

This is so wrong for many many really good reasons - just think if you got ripped off and the bank asked you if someone else could have possibly accessed your account? Or if you are trying to prosecute somone for fraud, you don't want wiggle room for the defense to say "that wasn't me". Setting a policy is one thing but actually giving the team a tool that saves them time and hassle with complying is actually going to give you a productivity boost whilst improving your security posture! Any questions about what to do then reach out and ping me - happy to help!

Should I choose virtualization or the cloud?

Have you heard about cloud computing and virtualization technologies but don’t know the difference? Or maybe you’ve heard a fellow business owner talk about why one is better than the other? Here are the differences between the two and the things you must know to determine which solution is best for your business. Differences between […]

Google Chrome: New money-saving alert

Over the years, Google Chrome has had several versions, with each one providing new benefits to users. In December, Google will launch the 71st version of Chrome, introducing a money-saving feature to users. How will it do that? The money-saving warning The Google Chrome update aims to protect users from websites with “insufficient mobile subscription […]

Is your VoIP distributor right for you?

Because it is cost-effective, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a popular choice today among small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to upgrade their phone systems. But before you contact just any VoIP distributor, make sure you are dealing with a respectable and trustworthy one. Here is a checklist of the must-have qualities of a […]

How to protect your Office 365 data

Office 365 is a complete cloud solution that allows you to store thousands of files and collaborate on them, too. In addition to its productivity features, the service comes with security and compliance solutions that will help businesses avoid the crushing financial and legal repercussions of data loss. However, even with its comprehensive security tools, […]

When Microsoft stops supporting Windows

Microsoft only supports each version of Window for a certain period and the end of its support for a software product can be a significant challenge for businesses. Currently, Windows 7 is on “extended support” until January 14, 2020. What does it mean when Microsoft terminates support of your Windows version? Let’s have a closer […]

Cybersecurity Tip #22

Puncturing the Myth of Security by Obscurity

People still don't understand that their little pc or business is actually valuable to the cyber criminal community, here's why: it's not personal, hacking activity is automated on a massive scale and your single PC can yield all sorts of value from gaming accounts, credit cards, identity theft, banking logins and indirect usage such as leveraging access into corporate accounts, spam email, porn file servers or botnet member used to run a distributed denial of service attack against a business for ransom.

The lowdown on cloud security

If you’re thinking of transitioning your business to the cloud, consider the security of the platform. While providers would like us to believe that the friendly, fluffy cloud image used to market the service means it is automatically secure, the reality is far different. Just ask one of the nearly seven million Dropbox users who […]