Have you got CyberRisk Insurance Cover?

  • Would your business suffer an Existential Risk should you suffer a Cyber Attack?
  • Does your IT team say you are protected but you must make sure?
  • Have you considered What the Worst could happen actually IS?

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The CyberCare approach

Cover for cyberattacks and data breaches

CyberCare Cyber insurance by Agile Underwriting Services PTY is specifically tailored and available to protect small businesses with essential coverage against cyber threats and data breaches. CyberCare provides sophisticated yet affordable coverage to minimise the impact to your business and protect its reputation.

You’ll get the very best help when you need it most. For whilst most businesses have cover for fire/flood/theft very few have cover for the most likely disaster they will encounter.

In my time looking after the IT for thousands of people I have seen 1 Fire & 1 Flood but in that time I have seen dozens of cyberattacks! - Daniel Watson 2022

Whilst Vertech Strives to ensure our clients never find themselves a victim we understand that we have to get lucky everyday but the attacker only has to get lucky Once!

We strongly recommend that our clients maintain CyberRisk cover as we recognise that outside of the immediate IT remediation work there are several other significant external costs you should consider.

  • Forensic IT services - to get to how it happened
  • Forensic Accounting - if you have suffered wire fraud
  • Public Relations support - you need to ensure your messaging to your clients staff & suppliers is on point.
  • Legal counsel - to make sure your interactions with the Privacy Commissioner don't get you in more hot water!
  • Telemarketing and communications - Given the Data Privacy Act 2020 you are legally oblliged to inform your customers if their information has been breached!

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