Cyber Security

Your organisation operates from an interconnected network of devices. If one of those devices have been compromised, getting to the rest of them seems like an easy win for a hacker if you don’t have the appropriate network security in place. Cyber security consists of various tools governed by processes and procedures to protects your companies infrastructure against malicious cyber attacks. Some examples of these tools to protect your organisation are:
  • Firewalls with IDS and Malware filtering
  • Data Encryption
  • Network segregation
  • Remote access VPN with MFA
  • Email Security with Sandboxing
  • Password Management tools
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Cyber Security Awareness Staff Training
  • Regular Security Risk Assessments

Our team of experts have the know how of what your organisation needs to implement to ensure no hacker gains access to your network. We are not just the IT guys that fix your printer of email issues but rather, we act as your Business partner with the same goal in mind – Protect your business at all cost!

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our TrueCare Managed Services Plan:

Solutions that can grow with you

With our systems taken care of, we could focus on sailing into the sunset…. Literally
Jargon – no one likes it except the ones who understand it. Often it makes others feel outside the conversation and inferior. When you are on our ship we are quick to make sure you feel comfortable teaching you the terms and sayings so you feel part of the crew. When speaking to Vertech it was important to me that the team at Spirit were listened to and taken on a journey of digital transformation that would provide easy solutions to our technical challenges. Not a journey of jargon, terminology, and solutions that no one gets! We needed to be part of their crew. Vertech started with a comprehensive standards based audit allowing for a simple transparent approach providing an approach that is less about the jargon and more about the outcomes. The win for us was that they showed us that technology was our friend, it was an asset, and it was here to make our lives easier. On top of all that we are safe, secure and can protect our customers information to the highest standards. Vertech have a service heart based on the quality of our relationship being at the core of everything we do. Their friendly staff are always available, fast and efficient, this has given us peace of mind knowing that if something were to go wrong, our data is secure and our systems are protected and things are made ship-shape super quick.
Bruce Pilbrow CEO Spirit of Adventure Trust

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