About Us

Company History

Vertech was started as a business unit of Edtech in 2004 from a collection of small business customers that Edtech had collected over time. Edtech was a major provider of Network and Financial services to the Educational Sector at the time and wished to diversify. Daniel joined Edtech in 2007 to service those business customers.

Vertech as it is now sprang forth in 2010 when Daniel (the Senior Network Engineer at the time) saw that the drive to look after those business customers by the mother company in the manner they deserve was fading and felt that he could take on that challenge. Daniel pulled in a former Account Manager from Vertech as a Partner and bought the business from Edtech.

Since then Vertech has operated as a bespoke IT Solutions company providing high quality personalised service to small to medium sized businesses in the Auckland area.

In 2013 Daniel bought out Mike's share of the business and is focussed on setting Vertech on a growth path, harnessing the opportunities provided by the UFB rollout and the explosion of Cloud based services to give our customers access to the best solutions to suit their business model.

From 2015 we saw that there was an ever increasing surge of cybersecurity attacks such as ransomware and Phishing Social Engineering attacks upon our client and decided that it was uncool of us to be billing our customers hefty recovery fees in the event of an security incident so we chose to reorientate our support plans and solutions around Flat Rate fees which incorporate whatever security features it takes to keep our clients safe, meet international standards and provide our Unique 100% money back Cybersecurity Guarantee.

We redirected our way of working fully in the cloud in 2018 from a shared office spaces in a stylish social environment of The Crate in Constellation drive. We continued to heavily invest in our Internal Systems to strive for Best in Class standards across Operations, Project management,  Sales & marketing. Our team continued to grow with now 13 staff service a growing range of awesome dynamic growth oriented clientele. We experienced 16-30% growth year on year for the last 3-4 years and Daniel loves sharing the multitude of lessons learned through this process with other business owners to help them with their journey.

Three years later we felt another shift and moved down the road to new offices in the Candida Office Park. With the growing need for Cyber Insurance and regulatory compliance we have since added Compliance as a Service to our service offerings. As a trusted expert Daniel has also become a regular on the RNZ Tech Tuesday segment with Jesse Mulligan where they discuss all things Tech.

Vertech's Values & Mission

Our values of care, learning, excellence, ownership & perseverance

This is our purpose, the basis of how we operate, hire, fire and reward our people.