Are you already exposed?

There has been a fair amount of news regarding hacks where large volumes of private identity information has been exposed to the internet. I know that that can seem remote to us but you would be suprised where your information may have ended up and not every company has been very good at informing people when they have been compromised.


There is a new, sophisticated email scam you need to watch out for. Bad guys first send emails with links to inappropriate websites to business email addresses, and then follow up with extortion threats. It's been tested in Australia and now the USA, so NZ won't be far behind.

Cyber Security

On the Internet, we live in a neighbourhood where every bad guy on the planet lives next door. We have all seen the two massive cyber-attacks in the news of late and I must proudly say that none of Vertech’s customers fall foul of it. I was aware of other IT companies whose customers were hit and were suffering the interruption to their daily business as a result.

Business Reading

I’ve been thinking a lot on how I can achieve the goals I have set for myself and the business.It has become apparent that I can’t get better results by being the same person that I have always been. If you want MORE, you have to BE more. By developing your personal capabilities, you display leadership and learn how you can grow the business.

Unprecedented Ransomware Attack

Over this weekend you would found it hard to miss the news about a new Ransomware attack based upon a vulnerability in a file sharing protocol within Microsoft Windows that affects multiple operating systems. Over 100,000 organisations have been infected so far and Europol expects that this number will rise significantly as people return to work.

Being a life long learner

One of the things I like about being in IT is the ever present opportunity to learn new skills and technologies. But technology isn't just limited to electronics, there is plenty of software upgrades for the lump of fatty tissue between our ears and this guy is gold.

Picture this:

“You’re in the departure hall, the flight home is not boarding for another 30 mins. As you place your laptop bag down you spot a shiny new flash drive under the bench. Naturally being an intelligent, curious person anticipating a boring wait till your flight is called you slide your work laptop out and plug the USB drive in to have a look to see what it contains.


HaaS. In case you haven’t heard enough acronyms in the IT industry, let me give you one more: HaaS, or “hardware as a service.” Simply, HaaS is an option to “rent” hardware on a low monthly basis instead of purchasing it outright. This eliminates the hefty cash drain for a network upgrade and allows you to pay for hardware as a service.

Virtual Disaster Recovery Testing

Time and time again I have done a new customer audit and discovered that their Backup Tape/Drive that they have been diligently rotating for months contains either nothing at all or backup files so old as to be next to useless.

Vertech has been countering this with our flat-rate Max Backup cloud DR service and we are now happy to announce that we can provide a regular Virtual Disaster Recovery Testing Service.

Ransomware emails & Staff Training

We've been seeing a steady stream of emails with increasing levels of sophistication targeting clients. Because of the serious risks associated with ransomware we've proactively enabled a new feature on the Vertech Mail Security platform across the board.