Be proactive in your security protection against malware and hackers

Just because your business has had a year without any cybersecurity breach doesn`t mean you will always be so fortunate. Hackers and malware are becoming ever more rampant and sophisticated. And they seem to increasingly target the low-hanging fruit -- small and medium-sized businesses. Don’t wait for an intrusion to happen before putting up safeguards.

Settling for the bare minimum in your cybersecurity strategy won’t protect you effectively.

Vertech’ Cybersecurity solution utilizes multiple layers and one of the most comprehensive out there. SMBs can take advantage of enterprise-grade cybersecurity threat monitoring. It also ensures regulatory compliance so you can avoid hefty fines and reputational damage.

Our Cybersecurity solution includes:

  • New Zealand-based centers - our security operations centers (SOC) are staffed by certified professionals ready to help at anytime
  • Multiple detection layers - including log ingestion and network traffic
  • Incident response assistance - suitable for organisations that don’t have an in-house IT department
  • Data collection and reports - for all your compliance needs

Don’t wait another minute to secure your IT environment.