Co Managed IT Services

Internal IT staff or Outsourced Managed Services?

Hint:  This really isn’t an “Either Or” decision.

Your organisation has internal IT (Information Technology) support, whether it’s “the IT guy” or a full-fledged department.  Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You have one person:

  • He’s constantly battling to put out fires
  • There’s a lot of more valuable work about your core business that she could do, but she doesn’t have the time!
  • When he goes Sick or on Annual Leave, there’s nobody who can support your issues!
  • When she leaves the company, nobody knows where anything is or how it works!
  • You want to upgrade our network, but his skill set doesn’t include newer technologies (but you’re not looking to replace him).
  • There’s no time to even consider newer technologies!

You have an IT department:

  • You have a specific need (like VoIP, CyberSecurity, Office 365) but don’t have time or expertise.
  • You've downsized due to COVID-19 but don't want to swamp your remaining IT Team
  • You have excess workload, but not 40 hours worth to justify a new hire.
  • Your department needs to be focused on Line of Business Applications, not low value Infrastructure & Desktop Support.
  • You can’t keep up with the newer technologies.

Introducing:  Co-Managed IT Services (CoMITS) with Vertech

Building secure infrastructure takes teamwork

A customized combination of service and support that blends the benefits of both Managed Services with Internal IT Resources.

At the core of any good Managed Services is the relationship between the customer and service provider.  Traditional MSP agreements provide the services without “sharing” or co-managing. As with any Managed Services agreement, Vertech uses a stack of monitoring & automation tools as well as best practices & systems for Efficient Proactive and Responsive Analysis, Inventories, Management and Maintenance.

However we make all those tools available to our CoMITS partners, along with all alerts and appropriate support!

Our monitoring targets include:

  • Ø Network
  • Ø Office 365
  • Ø Infrastructure
  • Ø Backup & DR
  • Ø Virtual Servers
  • Ø Endpoint Security
  • Ø Cloud Resources
  • Ø Patch Management
  • Ø Desktops
  • Ø Firewall/Routers
  • Ø End Users
  • Ø Security (on several layers)
  • Ø Dark Web
  • Ø Mobile Devices

This means that not only are these items monitored, they’re documented.  Hardware inventories.  Software inventories.  Licensing.  Procedures.  Backups tested.  And more!

And best of all, we can customise the agreement to the needs of your organization.  Consider some of the scenarios that Vertech is already supporting:

  • We support the servers, Internal IT supports the desktops and end users
  • We provide the monitoring, Internal IT calls us when they need additional help
  • We provide and manage the backup and endpoint security
  • We support the virtual infrastructure
  • We provide the monitoring and help out when the tough problems arise!
  • We don’t replace your IT Staff.  We make them better.

All our contracts include a no-questions asked 30-day out option.  We want the relationship because it makes sense, not because of a piece of paper.

Fill out the contact form below (or call me directly 09 972 0367) and I will call you to see if you would consider hiring us for the position.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Watson

Managing Director

Vertech IT Services

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