Two-factor authentication

Jesse Mulligan:   It's Tuesday and time to talk tech with Daniel Watson who is owner and Managing Director of Vertech IT Services. If you've got any questions or topics you'd like him to help with, send us an email to and we can hopefully cover them in a future session.

Hackers Are Stepping Up Their Game This Holiday Season

The holiday season has almost arrived, and more Americans are expected to turn to online shopping this year than ever before. The ongoing pandemic, combined with convenience, makes online shopping an obvious choice for most consumers. Unfortunately, online shopping has been muddied with hackers and cyberthieves since its debut. There are still safe places on […]

Cyber Threats From Within

Cyber Threats from within are much more common than you might think. A couple of years ago Daniel was the victim of such a crime and in his latest episode with Jesse Mulligan at RNZ, he touches on his experience with Internal Fraud.

A common misconception is that if you know and trust the person, it certainly can’t be them, but this person might actually be the most trusted person within your organisation or someone you personally know.

Ways we can get the most out of our wifi at home

This week Daniel joined Jesse Mulligan to talk about getting the most out of your wifi at home.

In a world where good human connection and interaction extends a far as your wifi range, having it perform at it's peak is a must. There is nothing more frustrating than having a conversation with someone and the call cuts out or worse, the video freezes, highlighting a "self portrait" you would never dream of sharing with anyone.

The Easiest Way To Disaster-Proof Your Cyber Security

Though no one would dispute the increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks on businesses in recent years, many small-business owners believe themselves and their business to be immune to such attacks. Broadly speaking, many small-business owners are likely to think that cybercriminals will go after the bigger fish. However, the fact of the matter is that cyber-attacks […]

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A Flexible Partnership With IT Professionals

It’s hard to see how investing in your company’s IT services would be as incentivizing as other investments that might deliver a more tangible ROI. However, ensuring that your IT department has a competent team that’s up-to-date on the latest cyber security knowledge and has access to the latest software to allow them to do […]