Cybersecurity Tip #102 Cybersecurity Awareness Training must be mandatory in your business

CAT is a fundamental cyber hygiene requirement.

Its is one of the best bang for buck tools you can implement to secure your business and reduce the risk of an incident taking place.

Mark my words Cyber Risk policies will make this a fundamental requirement if insurance policies in the future as it's a key control in most Security Frameworks Insurers will start asking for evidence of compliance in the future.

Cybersecurity when Traveling


Gary Wallace (00:00): For Tech Tuesday this week, we're crossing to our regular correspondent, Daniel Watson. He's not in his regular place, he's in Nashville. And being overseas has got him thinking about cyber tips for traveling. Daniel [foreign language 00:14:48].

Daniel Watson (00:13): Gary Wallace.

What is cryptocurrency and do I need to care about it?

Another Tech Tip Tuesday with Jesse Mulligan at RNZ.

Jesse (00:00): RNZ National it's Tech Tuesday and I'm joined by Daniel Watson from Vertech IT services. If you've got a tech question send it unto us. Daniel, hello.

Daniel Watson (00:14): Hey, how's it going?

Jesse (00:15): Good.