RNZ Tech Tuesday with Jessie Mulligan and Daniel Watson discussing bossware

November 23rd, 2023

Jessie Mulligan: RNZ National Time Tech. Tuesday, Daniel Watson is the head of Vertech IT Services. He joins me now. Hi, Dan.

Daniel Watson: Hello.

Jessie Mulligan: Dan. Dan the big boss man. Did you always want to be a boss man?

Daniel Watson: No, but I worked for enough people to realize that all my complaints about my boss were a very fundamental common denominator,

Jessie Mulligan: Which was….

Daniel Watson: Me. So it was either stop complaining about them or do something about it.

RNZ Tech Tip 1st August

Jesse Mullighan (00:00):

RN Z International Time for Tech Tuesday, once a fortnight, we're joined by Dan Watson from Vertek It Services with his thoughts on an area of technology or information or sometimes volunteer firefighting. Hi Dan.

Daniel Watson (00:13):




From: Daniel Watson, author and cybersecurity expert 

Date: 20 July 2023 

Photo: On request 


Scammers luring Kiwis in with Google Adwords and social media 


Scammers are not just calling or emailing Kiwis 'out of the blue' anymore; they are waiting in ambush with highly sophisticated schemes using elaborate profiles on LinkedIn, Google AdWords and legitimate looking websites to trap New Zealanders.

You’ve Been Scammed by Nigel Latta

📽 Contributing to this series was a bit of fun and I am very thankful for the opportunity to do so! My small parts are in episodes 2 & 3 but the whole series is an HUGELY entertaining must see for the whole family whether you are in business or not everyone is regularly exposed to bad guys trying to rip you off 😠

You've Been Scammed by Nigel Latta will
launch on #TVNZ One on Monday, 3 July, 8:00 pm.

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