How Not to Drive your Business to Zero But Set Yourself up to Thrive in the Aftermath – Webinar Series

We have interviewed the experts in their field to gain the necessary tools to start rebuilding that which has been lost during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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MONDAY, 6 APRIL 2020 - 11:00A.M.
Jon-Paul Hale

Business Risk Specialist, Personal & Business Life Insurance


Link to the Interview recording HERE


THURSDAY, 9 APRIL 2020 - 11:00A.M.
Daniel Silva

Founder, DSL Logistics


Link to the Interview recording HERE


TUESDAY, 14 APRIL 2020 - 11:00A.M.
Dr Sarah Watson

Senior Clinical Psychologist

BA, MA(Hons), DClinPsych, MNZCCP


Link to the Interview recording HERE

WEDNESDAY, 15 APRIL 2020 - 11:00A.M
Jugdis Parbhu
Advisory Partner, Corporate Finance Partner

BDO Takapuna (North Shore)


Link to the Interview recording HERE

THURSDAY, 16 APRIL 2020 - 11:00A.M.
Zoie Burgess

Digital Marketing Advisor


Link to the Interview recording HERE



MONDAY, 20 APRIL 2020 - 11:00A.M.
Deirdre Watson

Barrister and Mediator

Vice Chair of the Franchise Association of New Zealand


Link to the Interview recording HERE

FRIDAY, 24 APRIL 2020 - 11:00A.M.
Carolyn Ranson

Partner at Smith and Partners Lawyers



TUESDAY, 26 MAY 2020 - 11:00AM
Vijay Nyayapati

Business Mentor and Professional EOS Implementer


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