Cyber Threats From Within

Cyber Threats From Within

Cyber Threats from within are much more common than you might think. A couple of years ago Daniel was the victim of such a crime and in his latest episode with Jesse Mulligan at RNZ, he touches on his experience with Internal Fraud.

A common misconception is that if you know and trust the person, it certainly can’t be them, but this person might actually be the most trusted person within your organisation or someone you personally know.

Some suggestions from Daniel to prevent this from happening

  • Make sure you have accountability in place. Each person should have their own account
  • Split the roles so the person entering in the invoices from suppliers can’t change the account numbers.
  • The person who is loading the bills into the banking system can’t approve them themselves

It is important that preventative steps and processes be put in place to keep people open, honest and accountable.

If you have suffered from an event like Internal Fraud then Vertech needs you!

If not you, do you know of someone that has gone through this.?

Daniel will be conducting some interviews around this topic and will be structuring the information around

  • What was going at the time
  • The impact it caused
  • How it can be prevented in future
  • How can you secure a prosecution

There are many Business owners out there who have suffered at the hands of trusted individuals and we are trying to create awareness around this and also shine some light for those who are looking for a starting point if it were to happen to them

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