No More Wasted Time, Truly Mobile

Since moving to Office 365 and eFolder with Vertech I can now pick up engineering drawings from the office, on my laptop and work from home seamlessly. All files are updated to each device as I save them – no more wasted time bringing files with me on a stick, or painful downloading and resaving once I have modified them. If you need to be truly mobile and work from different places, and/or want to share files with other staff members, with the work always saved up to date for all users, this is the best system I have used. Data security is simply not on my mind as all the work is also kept on the cloud, and Vertech guarantees restoration of files should anything cock up. Vertech stops it all first anyway with their filters. Recovery can be from any previous version so even if a file is wrongly deleted or modified up by one of the staff members, we can restore to pre-cockup.

Stewart Cunningham
Pidcorp Engineering Ltd