Workstation Security Packages

Vertech Workstation Security - Antivirus Guarantee


Keep systems running smoothly and data clean with the Vertech Gold Workstation Package


Antivirus Guarantee

We are so confident in the Vertech Security Setup that if a workstation protected by our Gold Workstation Package, with email filtered by Vertech Mail Security and covered under our Proactive TrueCare Fundamentals Service Option does become infected with a virus, malware or spyware that we will clean the infection for free or re-install the device to working status. If your PC gets infected then we will clean it or reinstall at no extra charge

*Vertech reserve the right to refuse this offer if the fault was found to be due operator action. Servers and other data recovery not included.

What Does the Gold Workstation Package Include?

  • Vulnerability Scanning and automated Patch Management
  • Managed AntiVirus by Award Winning Bitdefender
  • Web Protection and Policing module
  • Take Control Remote Support
  • Hardware and Software Asset Tracking

How do I Create a Workstation Security Policy?

Vertech will work with you to uncover the needs and risks specific to your business. Workstation Security Policies will consider all aspects of your business including what data you need to protect, acceptable web usage policies, what access and password controls are relevant, what firewalls are needed and how often you need to update antivirus software. Every business is different so we’ll work to create a tailored solution for your business.


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