Vertech Mail Security

Vertech Mail Security


Stop the SPAM and kill the Malware before it gets to your network!


Email - the Primary Vector for attacks

Most virus infections are delivered via email and with all the good intentions in the world people still click on juicy bait links and attachments that you wish they hadn't!

Vertech Mail Security offers a cost effective SPAM and Virus filtering service that will halt the vast majority of attacks in before they get to your server or inbox.

How does Vertech Mail security work?
We redirect your incoming email through our filtering service and forward it on to your mail server after it has been scanned. For outbound scanning we adjust the mail connector to send email via our server.

What are the other features of Vertech Mail Security?

  • Quarantined message digests for suspect spam
  • One Click Quarantine release and easy whitelisting
  • Free Outbound scanning to protection your Internet reputation
  • Backup Email Webmail portal - for DR purposes
  • Add on email Archive service
  • customisable attachment/language blocking
  • individual and company level black/whitelists by subject or address
  • Redundant servers for no single point of failure!

Does it work with Office 365?
Yes - whilst Office 365 includes some spam filtering functions these are somewhat basic. In our experience we've had customers who have moved to Office 365 and have insisted on having Vertech Mail Security switched back on!

How much does it cost?

Vertech Mail Security costs just $2.50 per mailbox per month ex GST which included inbound and outbound filtering with the DR webmail portal included.


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