Do you want to save Thousands on your Annual Printing Costs?

What is Managed Print Services?

  • We confirm your actual requirements not what the copier sales rep wants to sell you
  • ​An appropriate top quality device with the appropriate Specifications is selected
  • We give you a reasonable lease or cash price AND a Low cost per page for your printer
  • We'll install and take care of any problems with the printer for the next three years, (NO FIVE YEAR CONTRACTS)
  • Super Convenient - NEVER order toner ever again! Any replacement consumables are automatically sent to your business when the device runs low.

Here's an example of how I saved my Customer, Phillip Rashleigh of DSL Logistics $15,000 pa:


Situation: Phillip runs a 3PL business and they print masses of Consignment Notes, invoices, picking and packing slips every month - over 65,000 print jobs across 16 printers in their offices and warehouses. 

Phillip Called me up to say that they would probably be getting some new printers soon so we'll need to update drivers etc.

I reminded him that we provide the same service to our customers and could we provide him a competitive quote.

SO it turns out that the large Copier company who shall remain nameless was charging them about $48000 dollars per annum as part of a 5 year contract that had a minimum level of 40,000 pages per month! On top of that they just planned to do a like for like swap of printers without really discussing Phillips ACTUAL BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS!

I worked through the what Phillip already had installled and checked off with him on certain things such as:
  • Did they REALLY need 3 large A3 high speed colour copiers in the business? - No they hardly print A3 at all!
  • Did they REALLY need 8 Colour printers? - No, they hardly print any colour either!
From there I figured out that what they really needed was a standard high speed & high volume B/W A4 Laser printer for most areas, 3 A4 Black and White Multifunctions and a single Colour A4 Multifunction.

Putting this altogether it turned out that they could OWN the printers for less cost than 6 months under the existing contract and our solution would cost them about $30k less per annum!

Now it turns out that the Copier company was being quite cunning in that they offered these new printers when there was still 2 years left on the 5 year contract as part of a renewal process! You might think that's the end of the story but Phillip got stuck into the sales rep and negotiated a lowering of the per page rate for the remainder of the contract which will save them nearly $15k pa.

We didn't cut a deal ourselves but it felt damn good helping Phillip get a good result for his business and I am sure he'll let me have a crack at the Managed Print Services when the time comes. 

If you are in a similar space and looking for an alternative to the big copier corporates then give me a bell, I'ld love to help you out.

Daniel Watson
Managing Director
Vertech IT Services
09 972 0367
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