Hybrid Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery NZ

Dual storage facility to ensure rapid system disaster recovery


Protect Your Business from Disasters with Online Cloud Backup NZ

If you were unable to provide the promised service to your customers due to data loss or corruption,  how would it impact your business and your reputation?Cloud Web Security

Everything from your company's operational data, to a full server backup or the information on your workstations can be backed up without impacting operations, giving you the peace of mind that any part of your system environment can be recovered with ease.


A backup system is all very nice but unless you are testing it regularly then are you willing to bet your business that it's going to hold viable data when the excrement hits the fan? Regular Backup and Disaster Recovery Testing is what you need and we can provide it and it need not cost the earth.

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Maintain business continuity with hybrid cloud backup & disaster recovery.

Backups are stored in a world-class data center, complete with highly available redundant hardware so you can rest assured it is always accessible. Everything is encrypted up to 448-bit Blowfish standards so only authorised personnel have access.

Our online backup and recovery uses a hybrid approach by also utilising local storage to speed up both backups and restores, as well as to increase recoverability should your Internet connection go down. This all provides you with a solid disaster recovery plan should your system become corrupted.

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  • Low Fixed Costs - Data storage and management costs on a simple pay monthly basis. From just $14.95* per workstation & $100 per server.
  • Faster Disaster Recovery - With restore speeds up to 5GB per min, recovery is quick with guaranteed response times.
  • Increased Availability - Two tier backups add a layer of redundancy to make sure your data is recovered.
  • Infinitely scalable - You can increase your secure storage as your business needs change, from GBs to TBs, without the need for an investment in expensive hardware.
  • Highly secure - From end to end your data is secure and  accessible only to you.
  • Monitored - each device will be monitored with alerts  on our management dashboard to notify if there are any problems with your online backup.
  • Flexible - Backups can be restored back to the same computer or another device entirely. Bare Metal restore, Physical to Virtual, Azure, Hyper-V, VMware ESXi
  • Application Aware - Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Sharepoint etc
  • Deep Recovery - multiple file versions across 60 days rentention
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It’s a fact that all businesses need to have secure backups of their data nowadays, so why not make sure you have the option that is affordable, scalable, easy to use and secure.

Let the Vertech experts talk to you about our hybrid backup and recovery plans, we will offer a solution that meets your business needs and keeps you operational.Contact us for more information

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