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Reduce risk and revenue loss with our Internet backup plan. 


Today’s modern business works efficiently by effectively utilising cloud technology and IP telephony. If this is the case for your company then you should also have a reliable backup internet connection. This will prevent costly downtime, and to help you maintain a continuous service for your clients. If your business loses the internet and employees cannot properly perform their jobs, your company will start losing revenue. Weighing the cost of an additional backup connection against the potential losses makes getting a backup internet connection a very sound investment.

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Reliable Backup Internet Services for Your Office

With only one Ultra Fast Broadband connection in the office, your business could be at risk of grinding to a halt if that service goes down. It could be hours before your connection is restored - you never know when a roading contractor or tradesman might accidentally break cables and your connection would be lost and You would be relying on another firm to restore your business functionality. Could your company handle this outage?

By getting a reliable backup internet connection with our partners Compass Communications you are assured that if you lose your primary connection, their routers, and low latency wireless failovers will seamlessly take over, so your business can continue without a disruption in service.



From just $55 per month you can keep your business operating no matter what.

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What will the Initial Consultation cover?

During the visit, we will get to know your business a little better to make sure the solution is suitable. Specific questions will be asked about the following but don't worry if you are unsure, Vertech's engineers are capable of finding these things out on your behalf with your permission.
What are your current internet connection type and speed?
  • How do you receive your email?
  • What other services do you access on the internet? eg Offsite online backup service.
  • What is your current data usage like?
  • What is your Telephone system (PABX) and trunk type? Who looks after it for you?
  • Is there Roof access?
  • Landlord contact details for permission to install antenna.
  • Your current router or firewall make & model?
  • What is the LAN IP Subnet and Default Gateway?
  • Access to Domain Name records, to enable seamless email failover.
  • Does your current IT provider have the networking skills to configure the network appropriately?
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How does the internet backup solution work?

Our backup internet solution comprises of a solid partnership with Compass Communications and a WiMax connection. Compass Communications deliver a permanent internet connection with a static IP address, and speeds of between 3Mb/s and 10Mb/s. Compass have multiple towers installed around Auckland so there is coverage to most business areas with a line of sight to their receivers. This service is suitable to carry both data and telephone calls if you are using SIP IP Telephony.

In normal usage your primary internet connection will carry all of your internet traffic, if the cable is cut and the primary internet connection is lost, then the router will detect the loss of signal and will promote a secondary connection to be the primary source of your internet. When normal service resumes then the connection will swing back to the primary with only a momentary blip in connectivity.

Not all broadband routers are capable of monitoring a primary internet connection to detect a failure or of handling dual WAN connections. If during our initial consultation we identify this to be the case on your network, then we will supply a quote to upgrade your existing equipment. This may include a business grade router or firewall to meet your organisations needs.

In some cases, the WiMax connection may be better than your existing connection. In this scenario, we can configure network equipment to provide load-balancing to give you an improved overall internet experience.

We will work with you, or supply your current IT support provider, all the necessary information to ensure that the routing and firewall settings are correctly configured. The settings and equipment are thoroughly tested to ensure that the system will work when needed.

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