Meet the team


Daniel Watson - Managing Director

Daniel has been the owner/operator of Vertech IT Services since 2010. His areas of focus include creative IT and Cloud Based solutions, business development, and out of the box Technical Solutions.

He loves meeting with clients and working out creative IT strategies that will make a real difference to their business as a whole.

He has a natural leadership ability and is instrumental in developing solid growth strategies for his team at Vertech to ensure that they strive to deliver the best possible solutions and services to their clients at all times.

Married with two children, Daniel is actively involved as a leader in the local Sea Scouts Troop and is a Sergeant with the Royal New Zealand Engineering Corps Army Reserve

Daniel Watson
Managing Director and Owner


Joanne Bright - Office Manager

Originally from Christchurch with a background in Hospitality, Joanne moved to the big smoke after the earthquakes in search of a more stable lifestyle for herself and her family.

Joanne has taken on several crucial roles including customer services manager, accounts administrator and most recently has joined the Vertech team as our new Office Manager. 

Outside of work, Joanne enjoys spending time with her horse, going out with friends, going to the beach and attending the local garage sales. If the Crusaders or The All Blacks are playing, you will find Joanne shouting enthusiastically at the television.


Joanne Bright
Office Manager


Ben Pearce - Systems Engineer

Ben is a Massey University IT graduate with a quiet and conscientious demeanour. But that doesn’t stop him being at the cutting edge of IT. With a passion for helping people and finding solutions, Ben is our first point of contact for all our support queries.

With a vast knowledge of multiple operating systems, software and hardware, he can support almost anything. Since being at Vertech, he has quickly started building upon his skills, becoming a valuable asset to the company and our customers.

If he isn’t walking customers through their issues, he is out kicking goals at the local rugby park.

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Ben Pearce
Systems Engineer


Andy Simovik - Systems Engineer

Andy is a dedicated IT professional who has worked in fast-paced environments in several key roles including as a Technical Engineer, Tier 2 Support Specialist and Pre-Sales Consultant.

He has been involved in several large-scale projects across Australasia in the legal and healthcare sectors. He has since joined the Vertech team aiming to get back to his technical roots and get stuck into the hands-on "nitty-gritty" aspects of helping small-to-medium size businesses with their IT infrastructure.

In his spare time you'll find him playing/watching sports, fishing and producing music.

Andy Simovik
Systems Engineer


Position Available - Service Desk Engineer

We are looking for a calm, confident professional who will be answering the phone and ready to pour calming oil upon troubled waters. You will also be responding to emailed requests and when capable you will action those you can rapidly.

You will learn and absorb information like a sponge, eg individual customers, their critical systems, their specific needs and how to resolve a wide variety of issues. 

We will provide all necessary training to perform your role but we do a have very tight hiring policy. You will be hired based upon your aptitude and attitude. A good general knowledge of computers and networking would be helpful.

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Could this be you?
Service Desk Engineer

Ethan Watson - Service Desk Boy Wonder

Because his mother insists on feeding him this lad is growing like a weed and is secretly plotting to depose his dad and take control of the business.

Little does he know but Dad is quite willing to train him up to be able to do so and in the meantime profits from nearly-slave labour.

He absolutely loves getting assigned menial tasks around the office, wiping PC's, generating reports and generally helping out the guys with whatever he can after school.

Loves: Pizza, Sparkling Duet, Youtube, and his Mum.

Ethan Bonsie-562

Ethan Watson
Service Desk Junior